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winter child

G Suzy Ab Vote rhythm
Tone chuan Ab. Capo 1 choi G
[G]Gyeoure [Am]taeeonan [D]areumdaun [G]dangshineun
[Em]Nun cheoreom [Am]kkaekkeuthan [D]namaneui dangshin [D7]
Gyeoure [Am]taeeonan [D]sarangseureon [G]dangshineun
[Em]Nun cheoreom [Am]malgeun [D]namaneui [G]dangshin
[Em]Hajiman [Am]bom yeoreumgwa [D]gaeul [G]gyeoul
[Am]Eonjena... [A]malgo [D]kkaekkeuthae [D7]
Gyeoure [Am]taeeonan [D]areumdaun [G]dangshineun
[Em]Nun cheoreom [Am]kkaekkeuthan [D]namaneui [G]dangshin
[Am]Saengil chukha [D]hamnida
Saengil chukha [G]hamnida OOH
[Em]Saengil chukha [Am]hamnida
[D]Dangshineui [G]saengireul
[G]Happy birthday to you
[Em]Happy birthday to you
[Am]Happy birthday to you
[D]Happy birthday to you
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Updated 2019-03-30
Views: 1,060 Poster: Chord Imperfect (Chord Imperfect approved)
Author: JYP (Park Jin Young) Genre: KPOP Favorite: 2
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