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Maybe It's Time

G Bradley Cooper G Vote rhythm
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    Chorus 1:
    [G]Maybe it's time to let the old ways die
    [C]Maybe it's time to let the old ways [G]die
    [C]It takes a lot to change a man
    Hell, it[G] takes[D/F#] a lot to[Em] try
    [D]Maybe it's time to let the[C] old ways [G]die
    Verse 1:
    [G]Nobody knows what waits for the dead
    [C]Nobody knows what waits for the [G]dead
    [C]Some folks just believe in the
    things they've [G]heard and the[D/F#] things they [Em]read
    [D]Nobody knows what [C]awaits for the [G]dead
    [C]I'm glad I can't go back to where I came [G]from
    [C]I'm glad those days are gone, gone for [G]good
    [C]But If I could take spirits from my [G]
    past and [D/F#]bring them here[Em] you know I [D]would
    Know[C] I would
    Verse 2:
    [G]Nobody speaks to God these days
    [C]Nobody speaks to God these [G]days
    [C]I'd like to think he's lookin' down and [G]laughin' [D/F#]at our [Em]ways
    [D]Nobody speaks to [C]God these [G]days
    [C]When I was a child they tried to fool [G]me
    [C]Said the worldly man was lost and that a Hell was [G]real
    [C]But I've seen Hell in Reno
    And this [G]world's [D/F#]one big old[Em] Catherine [D]wheel
    [C]Spinning still
    Chorus repeat:
    [G]Maybe it's time to let the old ways die
    [C]Maybe it's time to let the old ways [G]die
    [C]It takes a lot to change your plans
    And a [G]train to [D/F#]change [Em]your mind
    [D]Maybe it's time to let the [C]old ways [G]die
    Ooh[D], Maybe it's time to let the [C]old ways [G]die


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    Updated 2019-03-23
    Views: 869 Poster: Chord Imperfect (Chord Imperfect approved)
    Author: Michael Jason Isbell Genre: Nhạc Trẻ , US-UK Favorite: 3
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