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Wish you were gay

Tone [G]
Verse 1:
Baby [Am]I don't feel so [D7]good, six words you [G]never understoo[Em]d
"I'll never [Am]let you go", five [D7]words you'll never [G]say (awww) [Em]
I laugh [Am]alone like nothing's [D7]wrong, four days has [Gmaj7]never felt so [Em]long
If three's a [Am]crowd and two was us,[D7] one slipped [G]away
[Am]I just wanna [D7]make you feel [Gmaj7]okay
[Em] [D/F#] [G]But [Am]all you do is [D7]look the other [Gmaj7]way, mmm-mm
[Em] [D/F#] [G] [Am]I can't tell you [D7]how much I wish I didn't [Gmaj7]wanna stay
[Em] [D/F#] [G] [Am]I just kinda [D7]wish you were gay [G]
Verse 2:
Is there a [Am]reason we're not [D7]through, is there a [Gmaj7]twelve step just for you?[Em]
Our conver[Am]sation's all in [D7]blue, eleven "h[Gmaj7]eys" (hey, hey, hey, [Em]hey)
Ten fingers [Am]tearing out my [D7]hair, nine times you [Gmaj7]never made it [Em]there
I ate [Am]alone at seven, you were [D7]six minutes away [G]
To spare my [Am]pride,[D7] to give your lack of [Gmaj7]interest an explan[Em]ation
Don't [D/F#]say I'm [G]not [Am]your type,[D7] just say that I'm not your pre[Gmaj7]ferred sexual orient[Em]ation
[D/F#]I'm [G]so selfish,[D7] but you make me [Gmaj7]feel helpless, yeah
[Em] And [D/F#]I [G]can't [Am]stand another day,[Am] [D]stand another day
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