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Another Stupid Song

[C#m] You're saying that yo[A]you miss me, oh wel[F#m]well
[C#m] Never even got a [A]kiss without a countdow[F#m]countdown
It's time to face the [C#m]facts
You treat me like a [A]snack
Only text [F#m]back when you're hungry
Your love's so i[C#m]insecure
You're never really [A]sure
Boy, you never [F#m]listen
I'm not [B]gonna write [Ab]another stupid [C#m]song about you, [F#]baby
[C#m] You're saying that you're [A]sorry, so wha[F#m]what?
[C#m] You ask me what I [A]want, for you to shut u[F#m]up
It's time to come to [C#m]terms
Put myself [A]first
When your bubble [F#m]bursts got soap in your eye
Telling you it's [C#m]wrong to break into my [A]songs
Boy, you got them [F#m]missing
I'm not [B]gonna write [Ab]another stupid [C#m]song about you, [F#]baby
So [E]take this as my last reply
And [G#m]play it when you're lonely
[E]Don't you say I didn't
try to [G#m]reach your hand to hold me
[A]I just wanna walk the line
[F#m]Press record and hit rewind
[A]I've made up my [F#m]mind to e[E]erase you
Oh[G#m]Oh, to e[E]erase you
Oh[G#m]Oh, to e[E]erase you
Oh[G#m]Oh, oh [E]
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Updated 2019-08-28
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Author: Billie Eilish Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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