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Endless love

capo 1
[A] My love, there's only [D] you in my life
The [E] only thing that's [A] bright
My first love, you're every [D] breath that I take
You're [E] every step I [A] make
And [D] I ... [E], I want to [A] share
All my love with [D] you, no one [E] else will [A] do...
And your [D] eyes, your [E] eyes, your eyes
They tell me how [A] much you care
Ooh [D] yes, you will always [A] be
My endless [A] love
Two hearts, two hearts that [D] beat as one
Our [E] lives have [A] just begun
Forever, I'll hold you [D] close in my arms
I [E] can't resist your [A] charms
And [D] love (Oh [E] love), I'll be a [A] fool for [F#m] you, I'm [D] sure
You [E] know I don't [A] mind, (oh you know I don't mind)
'Cause [D] you ... [E] You mean the [A] world to [F#m] me
Oh, I [D] know I know I've [Dm7] found in you my [D] endless [A] love
And [D] love (Oh [E] love), I be a [A] fool for [F#m] you, I'm sure
You [E] know I don't [A] mind, (oh you know I don't mind)
And [D] yes, you'll be the [A] only one
'Cause [D] no one can't [A] deny
This [D] love I have [A] inside
And [D] I'll give it all to [A] you
My [D] love (my love), my [E] endless [A] love
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