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Please please please

[A] [G] [D] [F#m]
[A]I know I have good judgment, [F#m]I know I have good taste
[D]It's funny and it's ironic that only I feel that way
[A]I promise 'em that you're different and [F#m]everyone makes mistakes
[D]But just don't
[A]I heard that you're an actor, [F#m]so act like a stand-up guy
[D]Whatever devil's inside you, don't let him out tonight
[A]I tell them it's just your culture and [F#m]everyone rolls their eyes
[D]Yeah, I know
All I'm asking, baby
[A]Please, please, [G]please
Don't prove I'm right [F] [Em]
[D]And please, pleasе, [C]please
Don't bring me to [D]tеars when I just did my makeup so nice
[A]Heartbreak is one thing,[G] my ego's another
[F#m]I beg you, [Em]don't embarrass [F#m]me, motherfucker,[Em] [D]oh
[A]Please, please, please (Ah)
[A]Well, I have a fun idea, babe (Uh-huh), [F#m]maybe just stay inside
[D]I know you're cravin' some fresh air, but
the ceiling fan is so nice (It's so nice, right?)
[A]And we could live so happily if [F#m]no one knows that you're with me
[D]I'm just kidding, but really (Kinda), really, really
[A]Please, please,[G] please (Please don't prove I'm right)
Don't prove I'm [F]right[Em]
[D]And please, please, [C]please
Don't bring me to [D]tears when I just did my makeup so nice
[A]Heartbreak is one thing (Heartbreak is one
thing)[G], my ego's another (Ego's another)
[F#m]I beg you, don't [Em]embarrass me, [F#m]motherfucker, [Em] [D]oh
[A]Please, please, please (Ah)
[A]If you wanna go and[F#m] be stupid
[D]Don't do it in front of me
[A]If you don't wanna [F#m]cry to my music
[D]Don't make me hate you prolifically
[A]Please, please, please (Please)
[G]Please, please, please (Please)
[F#m]Please (Please), please (Please), please
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Updated 2024-07- 7
Views: 279 Poster: KkG (Tobi approved)
Author: Sabrina Carpenter Genre: Pop Favorite: 2
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