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Partner in Crime

B Madilyn Mei B Vote rhythm
Tone: [B]
[B] [Db] [Dbm] [Db7] [Eb] [Eb7] [Ab7] [Em] [E] [Gb] [Gb7] [Abm]
[B]When you’re gone I feel[Ab7]feel alone again
[Dbm]The voices cannot [Eb7]hold my hand
[Abm]They keep me company at very [Db7]best
[Dbm]Distract me from my [Bbm]loneliness
[B]Maybe I’m just an anoma[Ab7]anomaly
[Dbm]Even my demons have [Em]their families
[Abm]Truly [Gb]something must be [Db]wrong with me
[Dbm]To need you as much as I[Em]I do
[E]I was never meant to[B]to win
[E]I was never meant to[B]to win
[E]I was never meant to[Eb]to win[Eb7]win
shut up
Here’s the reigns
Take ahold of me
Please don’t let me go
[B]You do the talking
[E]Sew up my mouth if[Gb]if I can’t keep it[Abm]it closed
[E]There’s a dog barking right[Eb]right around the block
[Eb7]And a big ol’ whistle[Abm]whistle blow
[E]Run for it
[B]I’ll keep em occupied for you
Cause [Gb7]I love you, I love you [C]so
[Eb7]Left me hangin at the station
But [Abm]you’ll be back for me soon
[E]I’m ‘bout to die
Yet the [B]only thing I find i’m[Gb]i’m worried about is[B]is you
[E]Something tells me[B]me you aren’t coming
[Eb7]Guess that I’m truly [Abm]doomed
[E]I’m ’bout to die
Yet the [B]only thing I find I’m[Gb]I’m worried about is[Abm]is you
[E]I’m ’bout to die
Yet the [B]thing on my
mind seems to [Gb]nearly be nothing b[Abm]but you
[Eb]I overhear your brain when it’s close to mine
[Eb]Oh, I know that we’re not the same
[E]My heart’s on the line
[Eb7]I’m just a pawn in your game
Not your [E]partner in crime
And you’re slowly killing me
Taking your [B]time
You’re slowly [E]killing me
Taking your [B]time
[E]You’re slowly killing me
Taking your- -[B]-I was never meant to win-
[E]You’re slowly killing me
[B]Taking your- -I was never meant to win-
You’re [Eb]slowly killing [Abm]me
And [E]yet I don’t[B]don’t mind -You were never meant to win-
[Eb]You’re slowly [Abm]killing me
[E]But please take your time
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Updated 2024-02- 7
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Author: Madilyn Mei Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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