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The Ballad of Lucy Gray Baird

Tone: [C]
Capo: 1
Verse 1:
When [C]I was a [F]babe, I fell[C]fell down in th[G]the holler
When [C]I was a [F]girl, I fel[C]fell into yo[G]your arms
We f[C]fell on hard [F]times and we[C] lost our brig[G]ht color
You w[Am]went to the [F]dogs and I[G]I lived by [C]my charms
Verse 2:
I d[C]danced for my [F]dinner, spread[C] kisses lik[G]e honey
You s[C]stole and you [F]gambled an[C]d I said yo[G]u should
We s[C]sang for our [F]suppers, we[C] drank up ou[G]r money
Then, [Am]one day, you [F]left, sayin[G]sayin' I was [C]no good
Verse 3:
Well, a[C]alright, I'm [F]bad, but then[C] you're no priz[G]e either
A[C]Alright, I'm [F]bad, but then[C] that's nothin[G]' new
You s[C]say you won't [F]love me, I[C] won't love yo[G]u neither
Just [Am]let me re[F]remind you wha[G]what I [C]am to you
Verse 4:
'Cause [C]I am the[F] one who look[C]s out when you'r[G]e leapin'
[C]I am the[F] one who know[C]s how you wer[G]e brave
And [C]I am the[F] one who heard[C] what you sai[G]d sleepin'
I'll t[Am]take that and [F]more when [G]I go to[C]to my grave
Verse 5:
It's s[C]sooner than [F]later that[C] I'm six fee[G]t under
It's s[C]sooner than [F]later that[C] you'll be[G] alone
So w[C]who will you [F]turn to t[C]tomorrow [G]I wonder?
For w[Am]when the bell [F]rings, lover,[G]lover, you're [C]on your own
Verse 6:
[C]I am the[F] one who you[C] let see yo[G]u weepin'
[C]I know the [F]soul that you [C]struggle t[G]to save
Too b[C]bad I'm the [F]bet that you[C] lost in th[G]e reapin'
Now, w[Am]what will you[F]you do when [G]I go to m[C]y grave?
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Updated 2024-02- 5
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Author: Rachel Zegler Genre: US-UK Favorite: 1
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