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The Lion's Roar

Tone: [Am]
[Am] [C] [G] [Am]
Now the p[Am]ale morning si[C]ngs of f[G]orgotten th[Am]ings
She plays a t[Am]une for those who w[C]ish to overlo[Am]ok
The fact that t[Am]they'd been blin[C]blindly
deceived by [G]those who preach and [Am]pray and teach
But she f[Am]alls short and the n[C]ight explodes with l[Am]aughter
Don’t you c[Am]ome here and s[C]ay I di[G]dn’t warn [Am]you
G#out the [Am]way your wo[C]world can [Am]alter
And oh, h[Am]ow you t[C]ry to comm[G]and it all, s[Am]till
Every si[Am]ngle time it all shi[C]fts one way or anoth[Am]er
And I’m a g[F]oddamn cow[C]ard, but then ag[G]ain so are y[Am]ou
And the l[F]lion’s ro[C]roar, the [G]lion’s ro[Am]ar
As we e[F]evaded and [C]holleri[G]ng for y[Am]ou
And I n[F]ever re[C]ally k[G]new, what to do [Am]
[Am] [C] [G] [Am]
Now I gu[Am]ess sometimes I wi[C]sh you were a li[G]ttle more p[Am]redictable
That I could [Am]read you j[C]just like a[Am]a book
For now[Am] I can o[C]nly guess w[G]hat’s coming n[Am]ext
By [Am]examining your [C]timid smi[G]smile
And the w[Am]ways that the [C]old, old [G]wind, blowin’ you back around [Am]
And I’m a [F]goddamn f[C]fool, but then a[G]again so are [Am]you
And the l[F]ion’s ro[C]ar, the li[G]on’s r[Am]oar
Has me s[F]inging out and s[C]earchi[G]ng for y[Am]ou
And I n[F]ever r[C]eally k[G]new, what to do [Am]
[Am] [C] [G] [Am] [Am] [C] [G] [Am]
[D7]Sometimes I wish I could f[F]find my rose mary [Am]hill
I [D7]sit there and look at the [F]deserted lakes and I’d[Am]I’d sing
And every [F]once in a w[C]while I’d [G]sing a song for [Am]you
That would [F]rise above the m[C]ountains and the s[G]tars and the s[Am]ea
And if I w[F]wanted it to, it would lead you back to me[Am]me
Chorus -strum once-:
And the [F]lion’s [C]roar, the [G]lion’s r[Am]roar
Is s[F]something that [C]I have h[G]eard bef[Am]ore
a c[F]hildren’s t[C]ale, the l[G]onesome [Am]wail
[Am]of a [C]liiii[G]liiiiion’s roar [Am]
[Am] [C] [G] [Am] [Am] [C] [G] [Am]
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Updated 2023-05-14
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Author: First Aid Kit Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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