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(Verse1) [C] [Am] [F] There's glitter on the floor after the [C]party [Am] [F] Girls carrying thei
Chord Imperfect, 18 / 02, 2018 9,256
Intro Rain He wanted it comfortable, I wanted that pain [C] He wanted a bride, I was making my ow
heyitsmegaming101, 21 / 11, 2022 8,800
Intro Am Em G D Verse 1 Am Em If you would've blinked then I would've G D
sara stefanova, 5 / 11, 2022 9,787
Verse 1 I have [A] this thing [E] where I get older [B] but just never wiser [C#m] Midnights [A
heyitsmegaming101, 25 / 10, 2022 7,936
Verse C Summer went away, Still the yearning stays Em F I play it cool with Th
sara stefanova, 21 / 10, 2022 17,739

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Verse Cm Wolf mother, where you been? Eb Gm Cm You look so worn, so thin Cm
NeverTalkTrashh, 10 / 06, 2021 1,791
Intro: Bm A Bm G Bm A D G A D Tried to amend my carniv
NeverTalkTrashh, 7 / 06, 2021 2,049
Intro~ Am ~ G ~ F ~ C Am ~ G ~ F Verse 1~ C Am The sun shone high
NeverTalkTrashh, 4 / 06, 2021 1,610
Verse 1: C If I could wake my crooked heart C If I was there right from the start F
NeverTalkTrashh, 3 / 06, 2021 1,119
Intro~ [C] (8count) [Em] (8count) [Am] (8count) [F] (8count) C Em
NeverTalkTrashh, 2 / 06, 2021 3,151

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