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Standing By

Tone: [C]
Capo: 1
Uhuhuh[F]uh[C]uhuh[G]uh Uhuhuh[F]uh[C]uhuh[G]uh
Verse 1:
[C]I counted the stars tonight,
[C]Oh how they shine so [F]bright,
I g[C]gather them all,
so we [F]perfectly align [C]
[C]While we gaze from far away.
[C]And separately watch the d[F]day
Come [C]rising across the
[F]horizon in our [C]minds.
But now I [F]know[C]know,
My heart is [F]stron[C]strong,
Where you [F]belon[C]belong
Is by my [G]side.
So will you [F]hold[C]hold,
'cause time is [F]cold[C]cold,
But in your [F]sou[C]soul
I'm standing [G]by.
[C]Ohoh[F]ohoh[C]oh[G]oh ohoh[F]ohoh[C]oh[G]oh
Verse 1:
[C]I have waited a thousand years,
And now that tomorrow's [F]here,
I will [C]shout from the mountain top
[F]Our hearts belong [C]near.
[C]And we've traveled land and sea,
Our beacon the love we [F]keep,
But [C]when we unite,
This will [F]all have been our dr[C]dream.
[C]And now we [F]know[C]know,
Our hearts are [F]stron[C]strong,
Where we [F]belon[C]belong
Is side by [G]side.
And so we'll [F]hold[C]hold
Each other [F]close[C]close,
And in our [F]soul[C]souls
We're standing [G]by.
Oh[F]ohoh[C]oho[G]hoh oh[F]ohoh[C]oho[G]hoh
[F]Ohoho[C]Ohohohohoh [F]ohoho[C]ohohohohoh
[F]Ohoho[C]Ohohohohoh[G]hohohoh ohohohohoh
Oh[F]Ohohoh [C]oh[F]ohohoho[C]hohoh
oh[F]ohohoho[C]hohoh oho[G]hoh
[G]And so we'll[F]we'll hol[C]hold
Each other [F]close[C]close
And then we'll [F]know[C]know
We're standing [G]by.
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Updated 2023-03-16
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