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Goo Goo Muck

E The Cramps E Vote rhythm
Tone: [E]
Verse 1:
When the s[E]un goes d[D]own and the[E] moon co[D]mes up
[E] [D] [E] [D]
I tu[E]rn into a te[D]enage go[E]o goo m[D]uck,
[E] [D] [E] [D]
I cru[A]ise through the c[G]ity and I r[A]oam stre[G]et
[A] [G] [A] [G]
lo[E]oking for somet[D]hing that is n[E]ice to [D]eat
[E] [D] [E] [D]
you better duck
[B] [B] [B] [B]
when I show up
[A] [A] [A] [A]
the goo goo muck[E]muck. [D] [E] [D] [B7]
-and Everything Starts Again-
Verse 2:
I'm the ni[E]ght headhu[D]nter looking fo[E]r some h[D]ead
with a way[E]way out body [D]underneath that[E]that head, [D]
well [A]I'll get you baby[G] with a lit[A]tle luck[G]
cause I'm [E]teenage ti[D]tiger and a goo g[E]goo muck [D]
you better du[B]duck[B]ck [B] [B]
when I show u[D]up [D] [D] [D]
the goo goo m[E]muc[D]uck [E] [D]
Verse 3:
the ci[E]ty is a jun[D]gle and I'm[E] a b[D]east
I'm a tee[E]teenage tiger [D]looking for[E] a f[D]east,
I wan[A]t the most but I'[G]ll take the[A] least, [G]
cause I'm a goo [E]goo
muck ti[D]ger and a t[E]eena[D]ge beast
you better du[B]duck[B]ck [B] [B]
when I show u[D]up [D] [D] [D]
the goo goo m[E]muc[D]uck [E] [D]
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Updated 2023-01-17
Views: 1,392 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: The Cramps Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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