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High School Never Ends

Tone: [A]
[A] [D] [A] [D] [A] [E] [A]
[A] [D] [A] [D] [A] [E] [A]
[A]4 years you think for sure
[Gbm]That's all you got to endure
All the t[G]total xxxxs,all the stuck-up chicks
So s[D]superficial so immature.
[A]Then when you graduate,[Gbm]graduate,you take a look around and you say HEY WAIT!
[G]This is the same as where I just came from, [D]I thought it was over:
Aw that's just great!
The [A]whole damned world is [D]just as o[A]obsessed
With w[D]ho's the best d[A]ressed and w[E]ho's havin' x[A]xx
[A]Who's got the money, [D]who gets the [A]honeys,
[D]Who's kinda c[A]cute, and [E]who's just a [A]mess.
And you [D]still don't have the r[E]
ight look,and you d[D]on't have the right fr[E]iends,
Nothing ch[D]anges but the f[A]aces the names and th[E]e trends:
High school never ends
[A] [D] [A] [D] [A] [E] [A]
[A] [D] [A] [D] [A] [E] [A]
[A]Check out the popular kids,[Gbm]kids, you'll never guess what Jessica did.
[G]And how did Mary Kate lose all that weight?
[D]And Katy had a baby so I guess Tom's straight.
[A]And the only thing that matters[Gbm]matters, is getting up that social ladder.
[G]Still care about your hair and the car you drive.
[D]Doesn't matter if your 16 or 35.
[E]Reese W[A]itherspoon, s[E]he's the p[A]rom queen,
[E]Bill G[A]ates, c[E]aptain of the ch[A]ess team.
[E]Jack Black, the clo[A]clown,
[E]Brad Pit the qu[A]quarterback.
[D]Seen it all before:
I [E]want my money back!
[A]The whole damned world is j[D]just as obs[A]obsessed
With w[D]ho's the best dr[A]essed and w[E]ho's havin' x[A]xx
[A]Who's in the club, w[D]who's on the dr[A]drugs,
[D]Who's throwing [A]up bef[E]before they dige[A]digest.
[D]And you still don't have the rig[E]right
look,and you [D]don't have the right fr[E]friends,
[D]And you still listen to the s[A]same xxxx you did back th[E]then
High school never ends
[A] [D] [A] [D] [A] [E] [A]
[A] [D] [A] [D] [A] [E] [A]
The w[B]hole damned world is j[E]ust as ob[B]sessed
With w[E]ho's the best d[B]ressed and w[Gb]ho's havin' x[B]xx
[B]Who's got the money, [E]who gets the [B]honeys,
[E]Who's kinda c[B]cute, and [Gb]who's just a m[B]mess.
And I st[E]ill don't have the ri[Gb]ght
look,and you s[E]till have the same three f[Gb]riends,
And I'm p[Dbm]retty much the s[E]ame as I was back t[Gb]hen
High school never ends
[B] [E] [B] [E] [B] [Gb] [B]
[B] [E] [B] [E] [B] [Gb] [B]
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Updated 2022-11-11
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Author: Bowling For Soup Genre: Rock n' Roll Favorite: 0
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