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Forever Dumb

Tone: [E]
[E]I would run away from you if I could
Never really wanted to, but I guess I should r[A]run
[E]I would fall in love with you but I can't
It's too hard, maybe we'll just pret[A]pretend
But it's [Dbm]hard when I d[B]don't know what to [E]do
I'm [Dbm]angry and I'm t[B]tired and confus[E]confused
I've [Dbm]got so many th[B]thoughts stuck in my h[E]head
and [Dbm]none of them m[B]make much sense
[E]I said I would follow you but I lied
Don't be mad well at least I tr[A]tried
[E]I never had a spot for you in my life
which was true till I heard you c[A]cry
And your t[Dbm]ears went down your f[B]ace into my e[E]yes
I'm s[Dbm]orry and I h[B]ate myself this t[E]ime
I've [Dbm]got [.]so many t[B]thoughts stuck in my h[E]head
And [Dbm]none of them m[B]make much sense
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Updated 2022-09-23
Views: 780 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Forever Dumb Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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