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Wicked World

Cm Laura Jansen Cm Vote rhythm
Tone: [Cm]
Verse 1:
You say you like [Cm7]candy
Well [Cdim]stick with me
I've [Fm7]got some sugar [Cm]up my sleeve
You like [Cm7]money
Place your [Cdim]bets on me
[Fm7]These odds are going [Cm]crazy
[Cm7]And don't be afraid of the big bad [Cdim]wolf
[Fm7]He's just a sheep [Cm]underneath those teeth
[Cm7]And don't be afraid of the [Cdim]wicked witch
[Fm7]She ain't so bad she [Cm]ain't no xxxxx
[Eb]Ooh ooh it's a [Bb]wicked, wicked [Cm]world - 2x -
Verse 2:
La-la-la-[Cm7]La-la-la-ladies if you [Cdim]feal me holler
[Fm7]Fellas show us [Cm]all the dollar
[Cm7]Little Riding Hood is [Cdim]such a flirt
She [Fm7]got Miss Muffet all [Cm]up in her skirt
And [Cm7]Hansel and Gretel never [Cdim]made it home
They [Fm7]got some cooking to [Cm]do of their own
[Eb]Ooh ooh it's a [Bb]wicked, wicked [Cm]world - 2x -
[Fm]Once I tried to [Cm]be so good
All [Fm]sweet and spice like [Cm]good girls should
[Fm]But I don't see why I [Cm]try
[Bm7]Why do I [Eb7]try [Am]
When [Ab]every time I climb that hill
[Ab]My Ja[G]Jack is somewhere chasing Jill
Two, one, two, three, four
[Eb]Ooh ooh it's a [Bb]wicked, wicked [Cm]world! - 2x -
Verse 3:
Rapunzel, Rapunzel
let down your golden hair
Giddy up, giddy up on your big white horse
Even if your prince ain't there
I'd like forever after
Like every princess should
But there's always another chapter
And the apple sure tastes good
[Eb]Ooh ooh it's a [Bb]wicked, wicked [Cm]world - 2x -
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Updated 2022-09-23
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Author: Laura Jansen Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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