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Late Night

Dm Foals Dm Ballad
Tone: [Dm]
[Dm] Oh, I [Dm]hoped that you were [C]somebody,
[Bb]someone I could co[Dm]count
to [Dm]pull me to my [C]feet again,
[Bb]when I was in dou[Dm]doubt.
Oh now [Dm]Mama, do you [C]hear me
[Bb]calling out your n[Dm]name?
Oh now [Dm]Mama, do you [C]hear me
[Bb]calling out your n[Dm]name? [F] [C]
[Bb]Calling out your n[Dm]name? [F] [C] [Bb]
[Dm] Now I'm the [Dm]last cowboy [C]in this town. [Bb]
[Dm] Empty v[Dm]veins and my [C]plastic, broken [Bb]crown.
[Dm] They said I [Dm]swam the sea then [C]ran aground[Bb]aground.
[Dm] They said I [Dm]once
was lost, but [C]now I'm truly [Bb]found.
[Dm] And I [Dm]know the place but [C]not the wave.
[Bb]I feel, I feel no [Dm]shame.
Oh now [Dm]Mama, do you [C]hear my fear?
It's [Bb]coming after [Dm]me! [F] [C]
[Bb]Calling out your [Dm]name![F]name! [C]
[Bb]Calling out your [Dm]name![F]name! [C] [Bb]
[Dm]Staa[F]Staaaaaa[C]aaaaaay with [Bb]me.
[Dm]Staa[F]Staaaaaa[C]aaaaaay with [Bb]me.
Then you [Bb]threw your heart a[C]away.
Oh I [Gm]know just what to [Am]say.
Through the [Bb]phone cord; it can [C]wait.
We've [Gm]still got time to [Am]say.
And I [Bb]know you ran aw[C]away.
Oh I [Gm]know but I'm feeling ok[Am]okay.
But now I [Bb]found love and the [C]feeling wont go.
Now I [Gm]found love but the [Am]feeling wont go!
[Bb]See you walk away!
[C]Feeling okay, [Gm]now!
[Am]Happy now?
[Dm]Staa[F]Staaaaaa[C]aaaaaay with [Bb]me!
[Dm]Staa[F]Staaaaaa[C]aaaaaay with [Bb]me!
[Dm]Staa[F]Staaaaaa[C]aaaaaay with [Bb]me!
[Dm]Staa[F]Staaaaaa[C]aaaaaay with [Bb]me!
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Updated 2022-09-21
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