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Yakko's World

E Animaniacs E Vote rhythm
Tone: [E]
Verse 1:
[E]United States, Canada, [E]Mexico, Panama
[E]Haiti, Jamaica, Per[B]Peru
[B]Republic Dominican, [B]Cuba, Caribbean
[B]Greenland, El Salvador [E]too
Puerto [E]Rico, Colombia, [E]Venezuela, [E]Honduras,
Guyana, and [B]still
[B]Guatemala, Bolivia, [B]then Argentina
And [B]Ecuador, Chile, [E]Brazil
[E]Costa Rica, Belize, [E]Nicaragua
Bermuda, [E]Bahamas, Tobago, San [B]Juan
[B]Paraguay, Uruguay, [B]Surinam
And French [B]Guiana, Barbados, and [E]Guam
Verse 2:
[F]Norway,and Sweden,and [F]Iceland,and Finland
And [F]Germany, now in one [C]piece
[C]Switzerland, Austria, [C]Czechoslovakia
[C]Italy, Turkey, and [F]Greece
[F]Poland, Romania, [F]Scotland, Albania
[F]Ireland, Russia, [C]Oman
Bul[C]Bulgaria, Saudi A[C]Arabia, Hungary
[C]Cyprus, Iraq, and [F]Iran
There's [F]Syria, Lebanon, [F]Israel, Jordan
Both [F]Yemen's, Kuwait, and [C]Bahrain
The [C]Netherlands, Luxembourg, [C]Belgium, and Portugal
[C]France, England, Denmark, and [F]Spain
Verse 3:
[Gb]India, Pakistan, [Gb]Burma, Afghanistan
[Gb]Thailand, Nepal, and [Db]Bhutan
Kampu[Db]Kampuchea, Malaysia, then [Db]Bangladesh,-Asia-
And [Db]China, Korea, Ja[Gb]Japan
Mon[Gb]Mongolia, Laos, and Ti[Gb]Tibet, Indonesia
The [Gb]Philippine Islands, Tai[Db]Taiwan
Sri [Db]Lanka, New Guinea, Sum[Db]Sumatra, New Zealand
Then [Db]Borneo, and [Gb]Vietnam
Tu[Gb]Tunisia, Morocco, U[Gb]Uganda, Angola
Zim[Gb]Zimbabwe, Djibouti, Bot[Db]Botswana
[Db]Mozambique, Zambia, [Db]Swaziland, Gambia
[Db]Guinea, Algeria, [Gb]Ghana
[G]Burundi, Lesotho, and [G]Malawi, Togo
The [G]Spanish Sahara is [D]gone
[D]Niger, Nigeria, [D]Chad, and Liberia
[D]Egypt, Benin, and [G]Gabon
[G]Tanzania, Somalia, [G]Kenya, and Mali
S[G]Sierra Leone, and [D]Algiers
Da[D]Dahomey, Namibia, [D]Senegal, Libya
[D]Cameroon, Congo, [G]Zaire
Eth[G]Ethiopia, Guinea-Bis[G]Guinea-Bissau, Madagascar
[G]Rwanda, Mahore, and Cay[D]Cayman
Hong [D]Kong, G#u Dhabi, Qa[D]Qatar, Yugoslavia
[G]Crete, Mauritania, [G]then Transylvania
[G]Monaco, [G]Liechtenstein, [G]Malta, and [G]Palestine
[G]Fiji, [G]Australia, [G]Sudan
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Updated 2022-09-14
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