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Punk Rock Girl

Tone: [F]
[F] [F] [F] [Dm] [F] [F] [Dm] [F]
[Bb] [F] [C] [F]
Verse 1:
[F]One Saturday I took a w[Bb]walk to Zipperhe[F]Zipperhead
[F]I met a girl there and she she al[Bb]almost knocked me de[C]dead
-Punk rock g[Dm]girl- Please l[Bb]look at me
-Punk rock g[Am]girl- What [Bb]do you see?
Let's t[F]ravel r[C]ound the w[Dm]orld just [Bb]you and m[C]e punk rock gi[F]rl
[F]I tapped her on the shoulder and said [Bb]do you have a be[F]beau?
[F]She looked at me and smiled and s[Bb]said she did not kn[C]know
-Punk rock g[Dm]girl- Give [Bb]me a chance
-Punk rock g[Am]girl- Let's [Bb]go slamdance
We'll d[F]ress like Mi[C]nnie P[Dm]earl just y[Bb]ou and [C]me punk rock gi[F]rl
[C]We went to[G] the Philly Pizza Co[C]mpany and or[G]dered some hot t[C]ea
[G]The waitress said "Well [C]no we o[G]only have it i[C]iced"
So we ju[G]mped up on the ta[C]ble and sho[G]uted "ana[C]rchy"
And som[G]someone played a B[C]Beach Boys song [G]on the jukeb[C]ox
It was "Cali[G]"California Drea[C]Dreamin" [G]so we started screa[C]min'
[G]"On such a winter's d[C]day" [C] [C] [Bb] [Bb] [Bb]
Verse 2:
[F]She took me to her parents f[Bb]for a Sunday me[F]meal
[F]Her father took one look at me and [Bb]he began to sq[C]squeal
-Punk rock g[Dm]girl- It m[Bb]makes no sense
-Punk rock girl- Your d[Am]dad is the V[Bb]Vice President
Rich as[F]as the D[C]Duke of [Dm]Earl yeah, yo[Bb]u're for [C]me punk rock gi[F]rl
[C]We went [G]to a shopping m[C]all and lau[G]ghed at all the sho[C]ppers
[G]And security guards tra[C]trailed us [G]to a record s[C]shop
We as[G]ked for Mojo Ni[C]xon they s[G]aid "He don't work h[C]ere"
We said "[G]"If you don't got Mojo [C]Nixon then y[G]our store could use some fi[C]xin"
Verse 3:
[F]We got into her car, aw[Bb]away we started ro[F]rollin'
[F]I said "How much you pay for this?" she said "[Bb]"Nothing man, it's sto[C]stolen"
-Punk rock g[Dm]girl- You l[Bb]look so wild
-Punk rock g[Am]girl- Let's [Bb]have a child
We'll n[F]ame her M[C]innie P[Dm]earl
Just y[Bb]you and [C]me eating f[F]udge ba[C]nana s[Dm]wirl
Just y[Bb]you and [C]me we'll tr[F]avel ro[C]und the w[Dm]orld
Just y[Bb]you and [C]me punk rock gi[F]girl
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Updated 2022-08- 6
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