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Rises The Moon

Tone: [C]
Capo: 1
Verse 1
[Am]Days seem sometimes as if they'll never [D7]end
[Am]Sun digs its heels to [Cmaj7]taunt you
But a[F]after sunlit days, one thing stays t[Fm]the same
[Cmaj7]Rises the moon [C7]
Verse 2
[Am]Days fade into a watercolour[D7]watercolour blur
[Am]Memories swim and [Cmaj7]haunt you
But l[F]look into the lake, shimmering like [Fm]smoke
[Cmaj7]Rises the moon
[Cmaj7]Oh close your weary eye[F]eyes
I p[Fm]promise you that soon the autumn comes
To [Cmaj7]darken fadi[C7]fading summer skie[F]skies
[Fm]Breathe breathe b[Am]breathe [Cmaj7]
Verse 3
[Am]Days pull you down just like a sinking [D7]ship
[Am]Floating is getting [Cmaj7]harder
But[F]But tread the water child, and know tha[Fm]that meanwhile
[Cmaj7]Rises the moo[C7]moon
Verse 4
[Am]Days pull you up just like a daffo[D7]daffodil
[Am]Uprooted from its [Cmaj7]garden
[F]They'll tell you what you owe, but know even[Fm]even so
[Cmaj7]Rises the moon
[Cmaj7]You'll be vis[C7]visited by sleep[F]sleep
I p[Fm]promise you that soon the autumn comes
[Cmaj7]To steal away [C7]each dream you keep[F]keep
[Fm]Breathe breathe [Am]breathe
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Updated 2022-01-17
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Author: Liana Flores Genre: US-UK Favorite: 7
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