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Verse 1:
During the times [G]that [D9/F#]we were together [Em], my heart [Am]was always touched [B7]by your smile [Em].
When [Cm7]I started to sing [Bm], you always tried [Am7]to find the finest [F#]chords to sing [A]along [D].
Verse 2:
Every night [G]as you [Bm7]worked all alone [Em], I walked [F#m]outside and looked [B7]for Queen of the Night [Em].
The baby [Am]was crying [D]until she [B7]heard her mother’s lullaby [Em]which made [Am]her smile and helped [D]her fall asleep [G].
As time goes by [Em], you’re like a bird [Am7]that’s flown away [C]stretching its wings [D/C]on a shiny day [Am7].
There isn’t [D]much to tell [G]you about [B7]myself [Em]but my sincerity [C]so I’ve decided [Am]to move on from you [G]
Verse 3:
One day [G], I heard [D9/F#]a country song [Em]that warmed my heart [G/D], and [Am]then I started to write [D9/F#]my own [E] [A7]country [D]songs .
I need [G]to spend more time [Bm7]working on my songs [Em], so my [Am]emotions and memories [Bm7]can live [Cm]again, so the true feeling [D/C]can be felt [Am7]in your soul [G].
so my [C9]emotions and memories [G/B]can live [Am]again, so the true feeling [G/B]can be felt [Am]in your [D7]soul [G].
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Updated 2021-06- 7
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