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Visiting Hours

Tone: [G]
Capo 1
Verse 1
I wish that [G]heaven
Had visiting [Em7]hours
So I just could [Cadd9]show up
And [Cadd9]bring g[G]ood [Dsus4]news
That she's getting [G]older
And I wish that you'd [Em7]met her
The things that she'll [Cadd9]learn from me
I got them [Cadd9]all [G]from [Dsus4]you
Can [Cadd9]we just talk a while
and we'll [G]put all the world to [Dsus4]rights?
The [Cadd9]little ones will grow and I'll still [G]drink
your favourite [Dsus4]wine
And [Em]soon, they're going to [Emaj7/Eb]close, but I'll see [Em7/D]you
another [Em6/Db]day
So much has [G]changed since you've [Dsus4]been aw[G]ay [Cadd9] [G]
Verse 2
Well, I wish that [G]heaven
Had visiting [Em7]hours
So I could just s[Cadd9]wing by
And ask [Cadd9]your [G]advi[Dsus4]ce
What would you [G]do in my situation?
I haven't a [Em7]clue how I'd even raise them
What would you [Cadd9]do?
'Cause you always [Cadd9]do [G]what's [Dsus4]right
Can [Cadd9]we just talk a while until my [G]worries dis[Dsus4]appear?
I'd [Cadd9]tell you that I'm
scared of turning [G]out a fai[Dsus4]lure
He'd say, "Re[Em]member that the [Emaj7/Eb]answer's in the [Em7/D]love
that we [Em6/Db]create"
So much has [G]changed since you've [Dsus4]been aw[G]ay [Cadd9] [G]
[G] [Em7] [Cadd9]
[Cadd9] [G] [Dsus4]
[G] [Em7] [Cadd9]
[Cadd9] [G] [Dsus4]
Verse 3
I wish that [G]heaven
Had visiting [Em7]hours
And I would [Cadd9]ask them
If I could [Cadd9]take y[G]ou [Dsus4]home
But I know what they'd [G]say
That it's for the [Em7]best
So I would live [Cadd9]life the way you told me
And make it [Cadd9]on [G]my [Dsus4]own
And [Cadd9]I will close the door,
but I will [G]open up my [Dsus4]heart
And [Cadd9]everyone I love will know e[G]xactly who you [Dsus4]are
'Cause [Em]this is not good[Emaj7/Eb]bye, it is just '[Em7/D]til
we meet a[Em6/Db]gain
So much has [G]changed since you've [Dsus4]been a[G]way [Cadd9] [G]
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Updated 2021-06- 9
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Author: Ed Sheeran Genre: Pop Favorite: 4
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