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Running for cover

Capo: 1
Strumming pattern~ ^v^v^v^
Verse 1:
[C]If I could wake my crooked heart
[C]If I was there right from the start
To f[F]feel what it was like to be turned [C]on
[C]If you could fight the battling wind
[C]To miss the mark correct within
[F]If your wish came true, your dreams made r[C]real.
[Am]Running for c[C]cover
[Am]Running to hi[C]hide
Verse 2:
[C]If I could be a wiser man
[C]To rest my head and trust the plan
Im figh[F]fighting like a child to get my wa[C]way
[C]If I could see the garden place
[C]Before the fall, would things have changed?
[F]I wasn't there, and n[G]neither were you
But I t[F]take the blame, as [G]you should too,[C]too, my friend.
Now we're [Am]runni[G]running for co[C]cover
[Am]Runn[G]Running to h[C]hide
Yeah, we're [Am]runnin[G]running for co[C]cover
[Am]Runni[G]Running to h[C]hide
[Fm]We've been trying with
each other to unravel the age old stor[C]story
[Fm]But I'm starting to think that
there's a reason we don't unders[C]understand
[Fm]And it's easy to blame someone
else for my w[G]wants and my[Am]my worries
[Fm]But I know, I accept that it's just a part of who I [C]am
Now we're run[Am]ning f[G]or co[C]ver
[Am]Runnin[G]Running to h[C]hide
[Am]And you say it's n[G]not my pro[C]problem
Out of s[Am]ight, o[G]ut of m[C]ind
Yes, we're runni[Am]running for c[C]cover
Yeah, we're [Am]runni[G]running afra[C]afraid
As we [Am]run with o[G]one an[Am]another
Of the [Am]mess t[G]that we've m[Am]made
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Updated 2021-06- 3
Views: 35 Poster: DentistAndTheDark (Tobi approved)
Author: Ivan & Alyosha Genre: Folk , Indie Favorite: 1
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