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Everybody wants to rule the world

Tone: [D]
Verse 1
[A/D] [G/D] [G/D] Welcome to yo[A/D]your life
[A/D] [G/D] [G/D] There's no turn[A/D]turning back
[A/D] [G/D] [G/D] Even while[A/D]while we sleep
[A/D] [G/D] [G/D] We will find you
Chorus 1
[Em]Acting on your [F#m]best behavior
[G]Turn your back on [F#m]mother nature
[Em]Every[F#m]Everybody [G]wants to [A]rule the [A/D]world [G/D] [G/D] [A/D] [G/D] [G/D]
Verse 2
[A/D] [G/D] [G/D] It's my ow[A/D]own design
[A/D] [G/D] [G/D] It's my ow[A/D]own remorse
[A/D] [G/D] [G/D] Help me t[A/D]to decide
[A/D] [G/D] [G/D] Help me make the ...
Chorus 2
... [Em]most of freedom [F#m]and of pleasure
[G]Nothing ever [F#m]lasts forever
[Em]Every[F#m]Everybody w[G]wants to [A]rule the ...
[G] There's a room where the [D]light [D]won't [A]find [A]you
[G] Holding hands while the [D]walls [D]come [A]tumb[A]tumbling [G]down
[G] When they do I'll be [D]right [D]be[A]behind [A]you
Chorus 3
[Em] So glad we've [F#m]almost made it
[G] So sad they [F#m]had to fade it
[Em]Every[F#m]Everybody [G]wants to [A]rule the world
i[A/D]ntro r[G/D]iff o[G/D]ver s[A/D]ynth s[G/D]olo [G/D]
s[Bm]ynth[C] so[Bm]lo [C] [G] [A]
[A/D] [G/D] [G/D] [A/D] [G/D] [G/D]
[A/D] [G/D] [G/D] [A/D] [G/D] [G/D]
guitar solo
Chorus 4
[Em]I can't stand this [F#m]indecision
[G]Married with a [F#m]lack of vision
[Em]Every[F#m]Everybody [G]wants to [A]rule the ...
Chorus 5 variation
[Em] Say that you'll [F#m]never never never never need it
[G] One headline, [F#m]why believe it
[Em]Every[F#m]Everybody [G]wants to [A]rule the w[A/D]world [G/D] [G/D] [A/D] [G/D] [G/D]
Chorus 6
[Em]All for freedom [F#m]and for pleasure
[G]Nothing ever [F#m]lasts forever
[Em]Every[F#m]Everybody [G]wants to [A]rule the [A/D]world
[A/D] [G/D] [G/D] [A/D] [G/D] [G/D]
[A/D] [G/D] [G/D] [A/D] [G/D] [G/D]
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Updated 2021-02-13
Views: 97 Poster: Thomas Mann (Tobi approved)
Author: Tears For Fears Genre: US-UK , Rock Favorite: 3
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