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Jubilee Line

A Wilbur Soot A Vote rhythm
Tone: [A]
[A] [A7] [F#m] [A] [A7] [F#m]
[A] [A7] [F#m] [A] [A7] [F#m]
Verse 1
[A]Wasting [A7]your[F#m]your time [F]
[A]You're [A7]wastin[F#m]wasting mine[F]mine
[A]I hate [A7]to see [F#m]you leaving [F]
[A]A fate [A7]worse [F#m]than dying [F]
Verse 2
[A]Your c[A7]ity gave[F#m] me asthma[F]
[A]So that's [A7]why I[F#m]I'm leaving[F]leaving
[A]And your[A7]your water gave [F#m]me cancer[F]cancer
[A]And the p[A7]avement hurt[F#m] my feelings[F]
Verse 3
[A]Shout a[A7]at the [F#m]wall [F]
[A]'Cause the wa[A7]lls never lov[F#m]ed you[F]
[A]Shout at[A7]at the wall
[A]'Cause the wal[A7]ls never l[F#m]oved you[F]
[A] [A7] [F#m] [F] [A] [A7] [F#m] [F]
Verse 4
[A]There's a [A7]reason
[F#m]That London puts[F]puts barriers on the tu[A]tube line
There'[A7]There's a reason
[F#m]That London puts[F]puts barriers on th[A]the rails
There's [A7]a reason
[F#m]That London puts [F]barriers on the t[A]tube line
There's a[A7]a reason
[F#m]That London puts b[F]barriers on t[A]the rails
There's a[A7]a reason
[F#m]That London puts [F]barriers on t[A]the tube line
[A]There's a [A7]reason they [F#m]fail [A] [A] [F]
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Updated 2021-01-21
Views: 292 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Wilbur Soot Genre: US-UK Favorite: 3
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