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D Bee Gees D Vote rhythm
[D] So [A] this is [G] who I [D] am
And this is [A] all I [Bm] know
And [G] I must choose to [Em] live
For all that I can [G] give
The [Em] spark that makes the [D] power [G] grow
But [D] I will [A] stand by [G] my dream [D] if I [A] can
[G] Symbol of my [D] faith in [Em] who I [D] am
But [Bm] you are my [Em] only
[G] And I must [D] follow on the [A] road that [G] lies [D] ahead
[G] I won't let my [D] heart [Em] control my [D] head
But [Bm] you are my [Em] on [G] ly
And [A] we don't [G] say [D] goodbye
We don't [A] say [Bm] goodbye
And I [Em] know what I've got to [G] be...
[D] Im [Em] mor [F#m] tali [Em] ty
[D] I make my [Em] journey through [F#m] eterni [Em] ty
[D] I keep the [Em] memory of [F#m] you and [G] me
[Em] Inside
[A] Fulfill your [G] [D] destiny
It's [A] there within the [Bm] child
My [G] storm will never [Em] end
My fate is on the [G] wind
The King of [Em] Hearts
The Joker's [G] wild
And [A] we don't [G] say [D] goodbye
We don't [A] say [Bm] goodbye
I'll [Em] make them all remember [G] me
Cause [D] I have found the [A] dream that [G] must come [D] true
[G] Every ounce of [D] me must [Em] see it [D] through
But [Bm] you are my [Em] on [G] ly
I'm sorry [D] I don't have the [A] role for [G] love to [D] play
[G] Hand over my [D] heart I'll [Em] find my [D] way
[Bm] I will make them [Em] give to [G] me...
[D] Im [Em] mor [F#m] tali [Em] ty
[D] There is a [Em] vision and a [F#m] fire in [Em] me
[D] I keep the [Em] memory of [F#m] you and [G] me
[Em] Inside
And [A] we don't [G] say [D] goodbye
(We don't [A] say [Bm] goodbye)
In [A] all my [G] love for [Bm] you
And what else [A] we may [G] do
We don't say [D] goodbye...
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Updated 2020-12-20
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