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How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

C Bee Gees E Vote rhythm
Capo on 4th fret
Verse 1:
[C] I can think of younger days, [Cmaj7] when living for my life
Was [Dm] everything a man could want to [C] do
[E7] I could never see [Am] tomorrow
but [D7] I was never told [G7] about the sorrow
And, [Cmaj7] how can you mend a broken heart
[Dm] How can you stop the rain from falling down
[F] How can you [G7] stop, the [F] sun from [G7] shining
[Dm] What makes the [G7] world go [C] round
[Cmaj7] How can you mend this broken man
[Dm] How can a loser ever win
Please [F] help me [G7] mend my [F] broken [G7]
[Dm] and let me [G7] live [C] again, [Cmaj7] [C]
Verse 2:
[C] I can still feel the breeze, [Cmaj7] that rustles through the trees
[Dm] and misty memories of day's gone [C] by
[E7] We could never see [Am] tomorrow
[D7] no one said a word [G7] about the sorrow
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Updated 2019-08- 5
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Author: Bee Gees Genre: US-UK Favorite: 1
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