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F Dreamcatcher F Vote rhythm
Tone: [F]
Capo: 3
Cheoe [F]um nege saranghae [C#]ra malhal ttae
geu mari [Dm]naegen eor [C]yeopgeman [A#]neukkyeojeosseonneun [C]de
jige [F]um nege saranghae [C#]ra malhal ttae
nae mameul [Dm]da damanael [Am]suga eopseo
[Gm]jakke neukk [C]yeoji [F]ne
jige [A#]um uri sa [Am]imankeum
teuk [Gm]byeolhan [Cm]geon eopseul [F]geol
seo [A#]llemeul neomeun [Am]mueonga
u [Gm]ril bin [C]nage [F]hae
neol [A#]saenggakamyeon [Am7]eoneusae
ma [Gm]mi ttatteutae [F]jeo
ireon ge [A#m7]haengbogilkka
alge hae juneun ne [C7]o
maju [A#]anjaseo neol [Am]bogo isseumyeon
neoye [A#]nunppiche eum [Am]nan noganaer [D7]yeo
saso [Gm7]han [C]geot ha [Am]nahana jeon [D7]bu
neomuna [Gm]sojunghae
ireon nae mam ne [F]on alk [C]ka
jige [A#]um neoye mi [Am]somankeum teuk [Gm]byeolhan geon eop [F]seo
[A#]sarangseureon ne [Am]harureul ji [Gm]kyeo jugo shi [F]peo
neol [A#]saenggakaneun [Am7]nae mami [Gm]maeil keo [Cm]jilsu [F]rok
ireon ge [A#]sarangilkka alge hae juneun [C]neo
maju [A#]anjaseo neol bo [Am7]go isseu [Am]myeon
neoye [A#]nunppiche eum nan [Am7]noganaer [D]yeo
saso [Gm]han [C]geot ha [Am]nahana jeon [D7]bu
neomuna [Gm7]sojunghae
ireon nae mam [C]neon alkka
[Gm]eonjenga ur [A7]iga tteo [Dm]reojeo isseodo
ak [Gm]kineun mam nae mam araju [C]gil
maju [A#]anjaseo neol [Am]bogo isseumyeon
neoye [A#]nunppiche eum [Am7]nan noganaer [D7]yeo
saso [Gm7]han [C7]geot ha [Am7]nahana jeon [D7]bu
neomuna [Gm7]sojunghae
[C]Um [F]
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Updated 2020-10-18
Views: 45 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Dreamcatcher Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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