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I don't want to say goodbye (OST Brokeback Moutain)

G Teddy Thompson G Vote rhythm
Tone [G]
[C] [D] [G] [Em] [C] [Am] [D]
[C]I don't wa[D]want to [Bm]say good[Em]goodbye
[C]Let the st[D]stars shine thr[G]through.
[C]I don't [D]want to [Bm]say goo[Em]goodbye
[C]All I want to do is l[D]live with y[G]you.
J[Em]Just like the l[C]light of the [G]morni[D]ng
[Em]After the dar[C]darkness has [G]gon[D]gone
[Em]The shadow of my l[C]love is [G]falli[D]falling
On a p[Am]place where the [C]sun always s[D]shone.
Don't you know [C]that's where our hearts both be[D]belong?
'Cause I[C] don't w[D]ant to s[Bm]ay goo[Em]dbye
L[C]et the stars[D] shine thr[G]ough.
[C]I don't w[D]want to [Bm]say goodb[Em]goodbye
Al[C]All I want to do is l[D]live with [G]you
[Em] [C] [G] [D] [Em] [C] [G] [D] [Em] [C] [G] [D]
[Am]Together our t[C]two hearts are str[D]strong
Don't you know t[C]that's where our hearts both bel[D]belong?
'Cause [C D]I don't w[Bm]want to s[Em]say goodbye
L[C]et the sta[D]rs shine th[G]roug[G7]h.
[C]I don't w[D]ant to s[Bm]ay good[Em]bye
Al[C]All I want to do is l[D]live with [G]you
Al[C]All I want to do is l[D]live with [G]you
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Updated 2020-10- 8
Views: 62 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Teddy Thompson Genre: Film Music Favorite: 0
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