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Tone: [Am]
(Verse 1)
[Am]You took away my heart and
[C]Told me we were different
[Am]Beautiful, with room to [C]grow
[Am]You left me in the morning
[C]Softly without warning
[Am]How was I supposed to [C]to know?
Oh, I'm [C]trying
Give me a [Dm]reason
To let you [Em]go 'cause
Right now, I[F]Right now, I can't[Fm] can't
I'm in [Am]pai[C]pain
I'm in[Am] pa[F]in[G]
[Am]Mm [C]
(Verse 2)
And [Am]I feel lost without you
[C]Never thought to doubt you
[Am]Oh, who else is there to [C]blame?
[Am]So save your best excuses
[C]They can't get me through this
[Am]Maybe [G]time can, maybe [F]space
Oh, I'm [C]trying
Give me a [Dm]reason
To let you [Em]go 'cause
Right now, I [F]can't [Fm]
I'm in [Am]pai[C]pain
I'm in [Am]pai[F]pain [G]
Should I say I'm [Am]sorry?
Did I mess it [C]up?
All that you got [F]from me
Was it not e[Fm]enough?
I'm in [Am]pai[C]pain
I'm in [Am]pai[C]pain
You're to [Dm]blam[Am]blame
I'm in [F]pa[G]pain[Am]in
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Updated 2020-09-13
Views: 82 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Nessa Barrett Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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