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Can I Have This Dance

Tone: [A]
I'll [A]always re [A7]member, the [D]song they were [E]playing
The [D]first time we [E]danced, and I [A]knew [E7]
As we [A]swayed to the [A7]music, and [D]held to each [E]other
[D]I fell in [E]love with [A]you [E7]
Could [A]I have this [A7]dance, for the [D]rest of my [E]life
Could [E]you be my [E7]partner, [D]every [E]night
[A]When we're to [A7]gether, it [D]feels so [Dm]right
Could [A]I have this dance for the [E7]rest of my [A]life
I'll [A]always re [A7]member, [D]that magic [E]moment
When I [D]held you [E]close, to [A]me [E7]
As [A]we moved to [A7]gether, [D]I knew fo [E]rever
[D]You're all I'll [E]ever [A]need [E7]
Could [A]I have this [A7]dance, for the [D]rest of my [E]life
Could [E]you be my [E7]partner, [D]every [E]night
[A]When we're to [A7]gether, it [D]feels so [Dm]right
Could [A]I have this dance for the [E7]rest of my [A]life
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Updated 2020-09- 5
Views: 99 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Anne Murray Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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