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Aladdin - Speechless

Em Naomi Scott F#m Vote rhythm
Tone: [Em]
Capo: 2
e|-------------0----------0---------| B|----------------------------------| G|---------------------------0------| D|---------2-------4---------0------| A|------2----------3----------------| E|---0------------------------------|
[Em] [C] [Em] [Em] [C] [Em]
(Verse 1)
[Em]Here comes a wa[C]ve meant to wa[D]sh me awa[Em]y
A t[C]tide that is [D]taking me un[Em]under
[Em]Swallowing sa[C]nd, left with no[D]thing to say[Em]
My vo[C]voice drowned out in the t[D]thunder
But I won't cr[C]cry
And I won't start to c[G]crumb[Em]rumble
Whenever they tr[C]try
To shut me or cut me d[B7]down
I won't be s[Em]silenced
[C]You can't keep me q[D]quiet
Won't t[G]tremble when you tr[C]try it
All I kn[Am]ow is I won'[Bm]t go s[Em]peechless [C] [D]
'Cause [Em]I'll breathe
When t[C]they try to suffoc[D]suffocate me
Don't you u[Bm]nder[G]esti[C]mate me
'Cause I kno[Am]w that I won[Bm]'t go sp[Em]eechless
(Verse 2)
[Em]Written in st[C]stone
Every r[D]rule, every [Em]word
[C]Centuries old[D]old and unb[Em]unbending
[Em]"Stay in your plac[C]place
Better s[D]seen and not he[Em]heard"
Well [C]now that story is [G]end[D]ending
'Cause [C]I
I cannot start to cru[G]crumble [D]
So come on and tr[C]try
Try to shut me and cut me [B7]down
I won't be si[Em]silenced
[C]You can't keep me qu[D]quiet
Won't tr[Bm]tremble when you tr[C]try it
All I kno[Am]w is I won'[Bm]t
go sp[Em]eechless, spe[C]echless[D]
Let the s[Em]storm in
[C]I cannot be br[D]broken
No, [Bm]I won't live unspo[C]unspoken
'Cause I know[Am] that I won'[Bm]t go spe[Em]echless
Try to [C]lock me in this c[D]cage
I won't just [G]lay me dow[D]down and di[Em]die
I will t[C]take these broken wi[Am]wings
And watch me bu[D]burn across the sky
Hear the e[C]echo saying:
I won't be s[Em]silenced [C]
Though [D]you wanna see me tre[Bm]tremble when you t[C]try it
All I kno[Am]w is I won[Bm]'t go
s[Em]peechless, spee[C]chless [D]
'Cause I[Em]I'll breathe
When th[C]they try to suffo[D]suffocate me
Don't you un[Bm]underestima[C]derestimate me
'Cause I kno[Am]w that I won[Bm]'t go sp[C]eechless
All I know is I won't
go sp[Am]speechless, speechless
[Em] [C] [Em] [Em] [C] [Em]
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Updated 2020-08-23
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