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When Johnny Comes Marching Home ( A Song Of The American Civil War)

Em American F#m Vote rhythm
capo 2
Verse 1 :
When [Em]Johnny comes marching home again
[G]Hurrah! Hurrah!
We'll [Em]give him a hearty welcome then
[G]Hurrah! [B7]Hurrah!
The [G]men will cheer and the [D]boys will shout
The [Em]ladies they will [B7]all turn out
And we'll [Em]all [D]feel [C]gay [B7]when
[Em]Johnny comes [B7]marching [Em]home.
Verse 2 :
Get [Em]ready for the Jubilee,
[G]Hurrah! Hurrah!
We'll [Em]give the hero three times three,
[G]Hurrah! [B7]Hurrah!
The [G]laurel wreath is ready [D]now
To [Em]place upon his loyal [B7]brow
And we'll [Em]all [D]feel [C]gay [B7]when
[Em]Johnny comes [B7]marching [Em]home.
Verse 3 :
In [Em]eighteen hundred and sixty-one (1861)
[G]Hurrah! Hurrah!
That [Em]was when the war begun
[G]Hurrah! [B7]Hurrah!
In [G]eighteen hundred and sixty-[D]two (1862)
Both [Em]sides were falling [B7]to
And we'll [Em]all [D]drink [C]stone [B7]wine
[Em]Johnny comes [B7]marching [Em]home.
Verse 4 :
In [Em]eighteen hundred and sixty-three (1863)
[G]Hurrah! Hurrah!
Old [Em]Abe, he ended slavery
[G]Hurrah! [B7]Hurrah!
In [Em]eighteen hundred and sixty-[D]three
Old [G]Abe, he ended [B7]slavery
And we'll [Em]all [D]drink [C]stone [B7]wine
[Em]Johnny comes [B7]marching [Em]home.
Verse 5 :
In [Em]eighteen hundred and sixty-four (1864)
[G]Hurrah! Hurrah!
Abe [Em]called for five hundred thousand more,
[G]Hurrah! [B7]Hurrah!
In [Em]eighteen hundred and sixty-[D]five (1865)
They [G]talked rebellion-[B7]strife
And we'll [Em]all [D]drink [C]stone [B7]wine
[Em]Johnny comes [B7]marching [Em]home.
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Updated 2020-07-30
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Author: Louis Lambert (Patrick Gilmore) Genre: Folk Favorite: 0
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