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Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Lion King Ost)

Tone: [C]
Capo: 5
[F]I can see what's [C]happening
And t[F]they don't have a[C]a clue
They'll [F]fall in love
and [G]here's the [Am]bottom line
Our t[F]trio's down to [G]two.
The [F]sweet caress of[C]of twilight
There's [F]magic every[C]everywhere
And w[F]with all this r[G]romantic [Am]atmosphere
Dis[F]Disaster's in the [G]air
C[C]Can you [G]feel the [Am]love to[F]tonight?
[C]The peace the [F]evening [G]brings
The w[F]world, for o[C]once, in [G]perf[Am]ect harmony
With [F]all its l[G]living things
So m[F]many things to [C]tell her
But [F]how to make her[C]her see
The [F]truth about my [C]past? Imp[Am]Impossible!
She'd [F]turn away from [G]me
He's [F]holding back, he's[C]he's hiding
But [F]what, I can't d[C]decide
Why [F]won't he be the[G]the king I k[Am]know he is
The [F]king I see in[G]inside?
C[C]Can you [G]feel the [Am]love to[F]tonight?
[C]The peace the [F]evening [G]brings
The w[F]world, for o[C]once, in [G]perfe[Am]ct harmony
With [F]all its l[G]living things
[D]Can you [A]feel the l[Bm]love ton[G]tonight?
[D]You needn't [G]look too [A]far
[G]Stealing th[D]through the [A]night's un[Bm]uncertainties
[G]Love is w[A]where they are
And [D]if he f[A]falls in [Bm]love t[G]tonight
[D]It can b[G]be ass[A]assumed
His car[G]carefree d[D]days with [A]us ar[Bm]e history
In sh[G]short, our [A]pal is [D]dooooooooomed
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Updated 2020-07-25
Views: 162 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Beyoncé , Jacky Cheung Genre: US-UK , Film Music Favorite: 0
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