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Sleepless Night (Backstreet Rookie OST - 잠이 오지 않는 밤에 - 편의점 샛별이 OST)

G Rothy (로시) G Vote rhythm
Tone [G]
[C] [G] [Am7] [D]
[C] [G] [Am7]
[G]bogo sipeun maeu[Dm7]me jami [G]kkaebeoryeossna [C]bwa
modu jo[Cm]yonghaejyeobeorin i [G]bam
georiui bulbiccjo[Dm7]cha gon[Dm]hi jamdeureo [C]beoryeoseo
deo [Cm]saenggaknana [C]bwa
[Bm]changmun bak eodumi sa[Cm]rajil [Em]ttaejjeumen
ireon [Am7]nae maeumdo daranal[D]kka[D7]
gakkeumeun [C]jeo
haneurui byeolbicccheoreom nae gyeoteseo isseo[Bm7]jwo
jamgyeore [Am7]nuneul tteumyeon jiwojineun [D]kkumirado johges[G]seo
eoryeoun [C]maeumdeulgwa amureohji anheundeushan haruga nan
[Bm]himgyeowo[Em]seo oneul[D#maj7]do [D7]
mundeuk bogo sipeojin [C]bam
[C] [Bm] [G] [Am7] [Am7] [D] [C]
[G]eonjenga oneu[Dm7]ri gieogi nagess[C]ji
geuttae u[Cm]rin neul gyeote isseoss[G]ji
nae mamsoge gadeuk[Dm]han
banjjagineun ma[C]eum
[Cm]byeonhameopsi biccnaneun [Bm7]geol
gireojin geurimja [Em]nareul ttareu[Em7]go
seuchi[Am7]neun baramgyeore na heundeullyeo[D]do
gakkeumeun [C]jeo haneurui
byeolbicccheoreom nae gyeoteseo isseo[G]jwo
geuriun [Am7]naredo jamdeul su issge [D7]geu jarie isseo[Dm7]jwo [G7]
gireossdeon [C]nae haruga jamsirado sumeul swieo gal su issge
[Bm7]naui mam[Em7]eul ana[D#maj7]jwo [D]
ganjeolhi baramyeon [C]kkumsogeseorado
nara [Bm7]dahji anheul[Em7]kka
bamsae dwicheogimyeo [Am7]jisaeuneun on[D]eul i [G]bam
nun gameum[C]yeon deo seonmyeonghaejyeo oneun
[Bm]gieokdeul[Em7]lo muldeu[D#]reo
jiteojyeo ganeun [D]bam
[C] [G] [Am] [Em]
[C] [G] [F] [G]
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Updated 2020-07-20
Views: 76 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Rothy (로시) Genre: KPOP , Film Music Favorite: 0
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