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Tone: [G]
Capo: 4
[G]wae hansumi naneunji [Bm]wae gogael mon deuneun geonji
[Em]Hmm hmm naman i[D]reon geonji
[G]mugeoun nae balgeoreum [Bm]oneureun eottaenneunji
[Em]Ooh no naman i[D]reon geonji
[G]hollo kyeojin jeo bulbin [Bm]arae
sseulsseulhan [Em]nae nunbit daranan geu bit [D]hmm hmm hmm
[C]gogaereul deureoboni kkaman haneul soge jeo byeol
[Cm]kkaman nae maeum sok [D]bichune
[G]na honjaraneun mal geu [Bm]mal [Em]nawaneun ijen [D]eoullijineun ana
[G]na honjappuniran geu [Bm]mal [Em]nal hyanghan geu miso[D]e jeobeodul[G]ge
[G]iyureul moreun chaero nan [Bm]hansum seokkin chaero nan
[Em]Ooh no eodil hyang[D]haneunji
[G]nal biun chaero ttaragan [Bm]gil
gil ttara [Em]nae maeum dasi kkong jaba [D]hmm hmm hmm
[C]juwireul dulleoboni pureun sesang song saramdeul
[Cm]bupureun nae maeum [D]sok geu mal
[G]na honjaraneun mal geu [Bm]mal [Em]nawaneun ijen [D]eoullijineun ana
[G]na honjappuniran geu [Bm]mal [Em]nal hyanghan geu miso[D]e jeobeodul[G]ge
[C]oeroun geolkka naman jayuroun geolkka naman [Cm]hmm no [D]Hmm no~
[G]naneun oneul dasi tto geot[Bm]jyo (naneun tto geotjyo nae maeume)
[Em]eoduun nae maeume (maeum soge) [D]maju bon ui moseube
[G]dasineun eopseul nae ji[Bm]geume [Em]daranan nareul cha[D]ja to[G]day
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Updated 2020-05-23
Views: 24 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: FIESTAR Genre: K-Pop Favorite: 0
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