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Black Hole Sun

A Soundgarden G# Vote rhythm
Tone: [A]
Capo: Tunning
Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb
Eb|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| Bb|-------3---------|-------3---------|-------3---------|-------2---------| Gb|-----2-----2-----|-----2-----------|-----0-----0-----|-----------------| Db|---2---------2---|---2-------------|---0---------0---|-----4-----------| Ab|-0-------------0-|-3---------------|-----------------|---4-------------| Eb|-----------------|-----------------|-3-------------0-|-2-------------0-|
Eb|-----------------|-----------------| Bb|-----------------|-----------------| Gb|-------3---------|-------4---------| Db|-----3-----3-----|-----2-----------| Ab|---3---------3---|---5-------------| Eb|-1-------------1-|-0---------------|
(Verse 1)
In my [A6]eyes, indi[C6]indisposed
In dis[G]disguise as no one k[F#]knows
Hides the f[F]face, lies the[E5]the snake
The [A]sun in m[A7/G]my disg[Bb]disgrace
Boiling [A6]heat, summer [C6]stench
Beneath the [G]black the sky looks d[F#]dead
Call my n[F]name through the [E5]cream
and I'll [A]hear you s[A7/G]scream a[Bb]again
Black hole [F]sun, won't you [E]come
Wash[A]Wash away [G]the ra[C]rain
Black hole [F]sun, won't you [E]come
Won't you [D]come
Won't you [E]come
(Verse 2)
Stutte[A6]Stuttering, cold and [C6]damp
Steal the [G]warm wind tired fr[F#]friend
Times are g[F]gone for hones[E5]honest men
and sometimes [A]far too l[A7/G]long for s[Bb]snakes
In my [A6]shoes a walking [C6]sleep
and my [G]youth I pray to k[F#]keep
Heaven [F]send hell a[E5]away
No one [A]sings like y[A7/G]you anym[Bb]anymore
(Chorus) (x3)
Black hole [F]sun, won't you [E]come
Wash[A]Wash away [G]the ra[C]rain
Black hole [F]sun, won't you [E]come
Won't you [D]come [C]
Eb|----------------------------------| Bb|----------------------------------| Gb|----------------------------------| Db|----------------------------------| Ab|-5-4---2---5----------------------| Eb|-------------5-4---3--------------|
Hang my he[A6]head, drown my [C6]fear
Till you [G]all just disapp[F#]disappear
Black hole [F]sun, won't you [E]come
Wash[A]Wash away [G]the ra[C]rain
Black hole [F]sun, won't you [E]come
Won't you [D]come [C]
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Updated 2020-05-21
Views: 41 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Soundgarden Genre: US-UK , Rock Favorite: 0
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