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00000 Million

F Bon Iver F Vote rhythm
Tone: [F]
Must've been [F]forces, that took me on them [Bb]wild c[F]courses
Who knows how many p[F]oses, that I'[Bb2]ve been i[Csus4]n
But them the main c[F]closest, hark! it gives [Bb]meaning M[F]Mine
I cannot really [F]post this, ah f[C]feel the s[F]signs
I worried about r[Dm7]ain and I wor[C]ried bout li[F]ghtning
But I watched them [F/A]off, to the light of the mor[C7]morning
Marking the sl[F]ope, slung l[C]ow in the hi[F]ghlands
Where the d[Bb]days have no n[C7]numbers [C]
If it's h[F]armed, it's harmed me, it'l[Edim/F]l harm, I let it i[F]n
Oh, the old m[F]odus: out to be l[Bb]eading li[F]ve
Said, comes the old p[F]onens, d[Bb2]emit to st[Csus4]rive
A word about G[F]Gnosis: it ain't gonna [Bb]buy the gro[F]groceries
Or middle-out l[F]ocusts, or w[C]eigh to f[F]ind
I worry about s[Dm7]hame, and I wor[c]ry bout a w[F]orn path
And I wander [F/A]off, just to come back [C7]home
Turning to w[F]altz, hold h[C]igh in the l[F]owlands
Cause the d[Bb]days have no n[C7]numbers [C]
It ha[F]harms me, it harms me, it [Edim/F]harms like a la[F]lamb
So I can de[F]depose this, partial to the [Bb]bleeding v[F]vines
Suppose you can't [F]hold shit. how h[Bb2]high I've be[Csus4]been
What a river don't [F]know is: to climb out and [Bb]heed a li[F]line
To slow among [F]roses, or s[C]stay beh[F]behind
I've been to that g[Dm7]grove
Where no matter the [F]source is
And I walked it [F/A]off: how long I'd la[C7]last
Sore-ring to c[F]ope, whole b[C]and on the c[F]anyon
Cause the [Bb]days have no nu[C7]numbers [C]
Well it [F]harms it harms me it [Edim/F]harms, I'll let it in[F]in
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Updated 2020-04- 4
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Author: Bon Iver Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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