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Save The Night

Em John Legend Gm Vote rhythm
Tone: [Em]
Capo: 3
[G] [D] [C] [D] [Em] [C] [D]
[Em] A little trouble in the city
[G] Trouble in my home
[D] She told me love don't live here [B7]anymore
[Em] I wanna run to the light
[G] It's too dark in this part of night
[C] I need so[Am]somebody who can [D]make it [B7]right
[Em] And it's on tonight
How about we [Am]go and save the [D]night
I can see you [C]want it and so do [Em]I
How about we [Am]go and save the [D]night
Let's save the [C]night
[Em] [C] [D]
[Em] I'm not a one man band
[G] I want to sing a duet
[Em] You and me would sound much better
[D] You look so good in my bed
[Em] And if your gonna go out
[G] Your gonna go on with a bang
[C] Let's save the [Am]night I'll be your [B7]superman
[C] And it's on [Em]tonight
How about we [Am]go and save the [D]night
I can see you [C]want it and so do [Em]I
How about we [Am]go and save the [D]night
Let's save [C]the night
[Em] [Am] [D]
[Am] I see the night flashing be[Em]before her eyes
[Am] Resuscitating bring it [D]back to life
And it's [C]on [Em]tonight
How about we [Am]go and save the [D]night
I can see you [C]want it and so do [Em]I
How about we [Am]go and save the [D]night
Let's save the [C]night
[Em] [Am]
[D] Oh, let's save the [C]night
[Em] [Am] [D]
Let's save the [Em]night

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Tobi 1 weeks ago
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Updated 2020-03-16
Views: 35 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: John Legend Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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