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Tone: [A]
I’ve [A]held it all inward, [D]God knows, [A]I’ve tried,
But i[A]it’s an awful awakening [E]in a countr[A]country boy’s life,
To lo[A]ok in the mirror[D] in total s[A]urprise.
At th[A]the hair on my shoulders and t[E]the age in [A]my eyes.
[A]Amanda, [D]light of my [A]life.
Fate [A]should have made you a [E]gentleman’s[A]gentleman’s wife.
[A]Amanda, [D]light of my [A]life.
Fate [A]should have made you a [E]gentleman’s[A]gentleman’s wife.
It’s [A]a measure of people [D]who don’t u[A]understand,
The p[A]leasures of life in a h[E]illbilly ba[A]nd.
I got[A] my first guitar whe[D]n I was fou[A]rteen,
Well [A]I finally made forty, s[E]still wearin[A]wearing jeans.
[A]Amanda, [D]light of my [A]life.
Fate [A]should have made you a [E]gentleman’s[A]gentleman’s wife.
[A]Amanda, [D]light of my [A]life.
Fate [A]should have made you a [E]gentleman’s[A]gentleman’s wife.

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Updated 2020-03-14
Views: 38 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Chris Stapleton Genre: US-UK , Country Favorite: 0
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