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C The 1975 Eb Vote rhythm
Tone: [C]
Capo: 3
Well we're h[C]here,
We're at the common ag[Em]again,
Smoked six of the [Am]10 fags
That I only bought an hour a[F]ago
Said well [C]I,
I like the look of your s[Em]shoes
I like the way that your f[Am]face looks
when I'm arguing with [F]you
And so w[Am]when
When we all grow [G]old
I hope that this song will re[F]remind you
That I'm not half as
bad as [C]what you've been [G]told
When I kn[Am]knock
at a hundred and [G]two
And I see your py[F]pyjamas
I can't stop smiling at you[C]you [G]
And that's why w[C]we're here
we're at the common a[Em]again
I've been pouring my h[Am]heart out
towards your optimistic[F]optimistic grin
Said well [C]I, I
I like the cut of your j[Em]jib
I like the way that your f[Am]face looks
when you're yapping on about[F]about him
But on this s[Am]shirt
I found your smell[G]smell
I just sat there for [F]ages
contemplating what to [C]do with my[G]myself
called you [Am]up at a hundred and [G]two
we just sat there for a[F]ages
talking about that boy
what was [C]getting onto y[G]you, you
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Updated 2020-03- 3
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