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Another One Of Those Days

C Cavetown Eb Vote rhythm
Tone: [C]
Capo: 3
[C] [E] [Am] [D7] [x2]
[C] Cycli[E]Cycling downt[Am]downtown
Thought the [D7]fresh air would pick me u[C]up
Up up and aw[E]away from the g[Am]ground
But there’s no [D7]talking dog up here
[F]Blowing up balloons with my [D7]dear
[C]Hoped may[E]be I’d s[Am]ee a famili[F]ar face on my [C]way
Passed [E]by some cannabis [Am]seeds, it all [F]smells exactly t[C]the same
I [E]saw a girl in my [Am]dreams but I [F]don’t remember her[C]her name
I guess it’s j[E]just another one
of those [Am]days when I’m [F]missing everything
[C] [E] [Am] [D7] [x2]
[C] Carouse[E]Carousel round and r[Am]round
Like a k[D7]kid’s toy you wind me u[C]up
And I’ve got [E]nothing to s[Am]say
So you just t[D7]throw me in the dump truck
[F]Hoping round the corner I’ll see[D7]see her
[C]Passed that [E]kid from chemi[Am]chemistry who m[F]made fun of my [C]name
He didn’t l[E]ook very ha[Am]ppy, I guess we[F] all turn out the s[C]ame
I s[E]saw a girl in my [Am]dreams, she k[F]kissed me on the [C]face
I guess it’s j[E]just another one of
those [Am]days when I’m [F]missing everything
[D7] [D7] [C] [E] [x2]
[D7] When she shows u[D7]p she can s[C]it on my sh[E]oulders
[D7] Cause I’m so str[D7]strong, I wis[C]wish [E] [D7]
Piggy back r[D7]ide to the h[C]ill, then we r[E]oll down [D7]
Feeling like [D7]kids for the re[C]rest of our [E]lives
[C] [E] [Am] [D7] [x2]
[C] [E] [F]Hoping in the morning I'l[D7]I'll meet her
[C] But for no[E]now I'll just be lon[Am]lonely, and my [F]arms will feel so[C] bare
Dreaming 'b[E]'bout her body round[Am]round me, with my [F]fingers in her[C] hair
It m[E]might be so e[Am]easy, but I [F]am just too sc[C]ared
Cause I s[E]saw a girl in my [Am]dreams, but she [F]doesn't like me
[C] [E] [Am] [D7]
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Updated 2020-02-26
Views: 3,515 Poster: Tobi (Tobi approved)
Author: Cavetown Genre: US-UK Favorite: 2
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