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All I Want

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[Tone:]Capo: [C]3
[C] [Am] [Em] [F] [C] [Am] [Em] [F]
[C]I found a [Am]guy, told me[Em]me I was a s[F]star
[C]He held the[Am] door, held m[Em]y hand in the[F] dark
And he's p[Am]perfect on p[Em/G]paper but he's [F]lying to my face
Does he t[Am]hink that I'm the
ki[Em/G]nda girl who ne[F]eds to be saved
[C] [Am] [Em] [F]
And there's o[C]one more [Am]boy he's fr[Em]om my p[F]ast
We fe[C]fell in l[Am]love but it [Em]didn't l[F]ast
'Cause the se[Am]cond I fi[Em/G]gure it out he p[F]ushes me away
And I w[Am]won't fight for l[Em/G]love if you won't [F]meet me halfway
And I[G]I say that I'm through but this[GM7]this song's still for you
[F]All I w[G]want is love that [Am]lasts
Is all I want too much to as[F]ask
Is it som[G]something wrong wi[Am]with me
[F]All I [G]want is a good [Am]guy
Are my expectations far too [F]high
Try my be[G]best but what can I[C]I say
All I h[B]ave is my[A]self at the e[G]nd of the [F]day
Sh[G]ouldn't that be enough for[C] me[B] [A] [G] [F]
[C]Ooh [B]Ooh [A]Ooh [G] Oo[F]Ooh Ooh
And I mi[C]miss the d[Am]days
When I was yo[Em]young and naï[F]naïve
I thought the pe[C]perfect [Am]guy would come and[Em]and find [F]me
[G]Now happy ever after it don't come so[GM7]so easil[A]easily
[F]All I w[G]want is love that [Am]lasts
Is all I want too much to [F]ask
Is it som[G]something wrong wi[Am]with me
[F]All I w[G]want is a good g[Am]guy
Are my expectations far too [F]high
Try my be[G]best but what can I [C]say
All I h[B]have is my[A]myself at the [G]end of th[F]e day
An[A]d all I want is for that to be o[C]kay[B] [A] [G] [F]
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Updated 2020-02-24
Views: 11,735 Poster: laurenelizabethhh (Tobi approved)
Author: Olivia Rodrigo Genre: US-UK Favorite: 1
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