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Auld Lang Syne

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    Tone: [G]
    Should o[G]ld ac[Em]quaintance b[Am]e forg[D]ot,
    and ne[G]never brought to m[C]mind ?
    Should o[G]ld ac[Em]quaintance b[Am]e forg[D]ot,
    a[B]nd d[Em]ays of auld l[C]ang sy[G]ne ?
    For a[G]uld l[Em]ang sy[Am]ne, my [D]dear,
    for au[G]auld lang sy[C]syne,
    we’ll ta[G]take a [Em]cup of kindn[Am]ess ye[D]t,
    f[B]or a[Em]uld la[C]ng sy[G]ne.
    And he[G]re’s a h[Em]and my tr[Am]usty fr[D]iend!
    And gi[G]gives a hand o’ th[C]thine!
    we’ll ta[G]ke a c[Em]up of kin[Am]dness y[D]et,
    f[B]or a[Em]uld la[C]ng s[G]yne.
    Piano Solo
    CHORUS 3x's
    we’ll ta[G]ke a c[Em]up of kin[Am]dness y[D]et,
    f[B]or a[Em]uld l[C]ang s[G]yne.


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    Updated 2019-12- 1
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    Author: Barenaked Ladies Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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