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Do You Hear What I Hear?

G Bob Crosby Bb Vote rhythm
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    Tone: [G]
    Capo: 3
    [G]Said the night wind to the [D]little [G]lamb,
    [G]Do you see what I see?
    [G]Way up in the sky, [D]little [G]lamb?
    [G]Do you see what I see?
    [Em]A star, a star, [Bm]dancing in the night,
    With a [C]tail as [D]big as a [B]kite's,
    With a [C]tail as [D7]big as a [G]kite's.
    [G]Said the little lamb to the [D]shepherd [G]boy,
    [G]Do you hear what I hear?
    [G]Ringing through the sky, [D]shepherd [G]boy?
    [G]Do you hear what I hear?
    [Em]A song, a song, h[Bm]high above the trees,
    With a [C]voice as b[D]big as the [B]sea,
    With a [C]voice as b[D7]big as the [G]sea.
    [G]Said the shepherd boy to the [D]mighty [G]king,
    [G]Do you know what I know?
    [G]In your palace warm, [D]mighty [G]king?
    [G]Do you know what I know?
    [Em]A Child, a Child [Bm]shivers in the cold
    Let us [C]bring Him [D]silver and [B]gold
    Let us [C]bring Him [D7]silver and [G]gold.
    [G]Said the king to the people [D]every [G]where,
    [G]Listen to what I say
    [G]Pray for peace, people [D]every [G]where!
    [G]Listen to what I say
    [Em]A Child, a child, [Bm]sleeping in the night
    He will [C]bring us [D]goodness and [B]light
    He will [C]bring us [D7]goodness and [G]light.


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    Updated 2019-11-28
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    Author: Bob Crosby Genre: US-UK Favorite: 0
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