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Hurt Somebody

Capo 1
Verse 1
Ta[C]king it sl[F]ow[C]ly
I'[Am]I'm afraid to be [F]lon[C]lonely
No[C]Nobody tol[F]told [C]me
It[Dm]It's harder than I[Am]I thought to tell the [F]tru[C]th
It[C]'s gonna leave you in p[F]iec[C]es
Al[Am]l alone with your d[F]emo[C]ns
A[C]nd I know that we n[F]eed[C] this
B[Am]ut I've been too afraid to fo[F]llow th[C]rough
H[C]old me close and I wo[F]n't le[C]ave
'C[Am]ause it hurts w[C]hen you hurt som[F]eb[C]ody
S[C]o much to say but I d[F]on't s[C]peak
An[Am]And I hate that I let [C]you [F]stop[C]stop me
'C[Am]ause it hurts when you h[G]urt so[F]me[C]body
Verse 2
Don'[C]t know where the ti[F]me[C] went
Stu[Am]ck in the wrong m[F]in[C]dset
I [C]let the rul[F]rules[C]es bend
Wh[Am]en I know that all along they're made to b[F]re[C]ak
Y[C]ou got me searching for re[F]as[C]ons
T[Am]o keep me from l[F]ea[C]ving
A[C]nd that I have troub[F]le brea[C]thing
I[Dm]I give myself another chance[F]chance to [C]stay
Ho[C]ld me close and I won[F]'t le[C]ave
'C[C]ause it hurts when you hur[F]t some[C]body
So[C] much to say but I do[F]n't s[C]peak
An[F]And I hate that I l[C]let you [F]stop [C]me
'C[Am]ause it hurts when you h[C]urt s[F]omeb[C]ody
[F] One day before you know it, [C]you will see
[Dm] All of the pain and all the[G]the irony, yeah
[Dm]You'll feel the stinging and you'll [C]think of me
'Cause it [F]hurts when you hurt
Ho[C]ld me close and I wo[F]n't l[C]eave
'C[Am]'Cause it hurts when you [C]hurt so[F]me[C]body
[C]So much to say but I d[F]don't s[C]speak
A[Am]And I hate that I let [G]you sto[F]stop [C]me
Ho[C]ld me close and I w[F]on't le[C]ave
'[Am]Cause it hurts when you h[F]urt so[C]mebody
[C]So much to say but I [F]don't s[C]speak
A[C]And I hate that I let you s[F]stop [C]me
'[Am]Cause it hurts when you h[G]urt so[F]mebod[C]y
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Updated 2019-09-17
Views: 3,795 Poster: Bui Nhu Sy (Bui Nhu Sy approved)
Author: Julia Michaels , Noah Kahan Genre: Pop Favorite: 2
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