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Rocky Raccoon

Am7 The Beatles Am Vote rhythm
Now s[Am7]somewhere in the Black Mountain Hills of Dakota
There [D7sus]lived a young boy name of Rocky Rac[D7]Raccoon
And [G7]one day his woman ran off with a[C]another guy
Hit young Rocky in the eye...
Rocky didn't like that, he [Am7]said, "I'm going to [D7]get that boy."
So one [G7]day he walked into town and [G]booked himself a room in the [C]local
[Am7]Rocky Racoon checked [D7]into his room
[G7]only to find Gideon's [C]Bible
[Am7]Rocky had come e[D7]equipped with a gun
to [G7]shoot off the legs of his [C]rival.
His [Am]rival, it seems, had [D7]broken his dreams
by [G7]stealing the girl of his [C]fancy
Her [Am7]name was Magill, and she [D7]called herself 'Lil'
But [G7]everyone knew her as [C]Nancy.
Now [Am7]she and her man (who [D7]called himself Dan)
Were [G7]in the next room at the [C]hoedown
[Am7]Rocky burst in, and [D7]grinning a grin,
he said, "[G7]"Danny boy, this is a [C]showdown."
But [Am7]Daniel was hot. He [D7]drew first and shot
and [G7]Rocky col[G]collapsed in the [C]corner.
Da-n-da da da-n-da da da... Am7 D7 G7 C 3x
Now the [Am7]doctor came in [D7]stinking of gin
and [G7]proceeded to lie on the [C]table.
He said, "[Am7]"Rocky, you met your match."
But Rockey said, "[D7]"Doc, it's only a scratch.
And I'll be [G7]better... I'll be better Doc as [G]soon as I am [C]able."
Now [Am7]Rocky Raccoon, he fell [D7]back in his room
[G7]only to find Gideon's [C]bible.
[Am7]Gideon checked out, and he [D7]left it no doubt
to [G7]help with good Rocky's re[C]revival.
Oh yeah, yeah
Da-n-da da da-n-da da da...
[Am7] [D7] [G7] [C]
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