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Dm Khalid C Vote rhythm
[Dm] [C] [E] [C]
Verse 1
[Dm]You'd rather speak more than liste[C]listen
And [G]that's based off our first impression
[Dm]I'm gonna hide this affecti[C]affection
But I'm go[G]going in that direction
[Dm]Floating through different dimensio[C]dimensions
[G](Unknown lyrics)
[Dm]Honey, I forgot to mention[C]mention
[G]I'm so entranced by you, it hurts
I'm in [Dm]love with the [C]moment
To me [G]fallin', to me goin'
I'm in l[Dm]love with the [C]moment
To me f[G]fallin', to me goin'
Verse 2
[Dm]Can't let me go if I'm fallin[C]fallin'
I've b[G]been on the path of importance
[Dm]Nothing left, pull you in slo[C]slowly
[G]The river is running, we're flowing
[Dm]I'm coming down, you've been rollin'[C]rollin'
And [G]we'll light a [?], now we're open
[Dm]Pour me a, pour me a potio[C]potion
I'm [G]rocking, I'm rocking the motions
I'm in [Dm]love with the [C]moment
To me [G]fallin', to me goin'
I'm in [Dm]love with the [C]moment
To me [G]fallin', to me goin'
[A] [C] [B] [C] [E] [G] [A] [B] [C]
[A] [C] [B] [C] [E] [G] [A] [B] [C]
[A] [C] [B] [C] [E] [G] [A] [B] [C]
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Updated 2019-09-13
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