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Travelling Alone

C Passenger F Vote rhythm
Capo 5
[C] [F] [C] [F] [G] [C] [C7] [F] [Fm] [G] [C] [G]
[C]Australian m[G]an, Scandin[F]avian t[C]own
Kickin' stones 'round the sq[G]square
[C]He sat for a whi[C7]while, and he [F]carved out a sm[Fm]smile
[C]As if so[G]someone would [C]care
[C]He said "I'm a long way from the
G[G]Gold Coast, the furtherest [F]I've ever been[C]been
[C]And this just ain't my h[G]home
[C]It was my wife's ide[C7]idea, but she's no [F]longer her[Fm]here
[C]She left me t[G]travelling a[C]alone"
[C] [F]
[F]You know I've never heard [C]silence [C] [F]
[F]Ring out like a b[C]bell [C] [F]
[F]I ain't never heard sil[C]silence
Like l[G7]last night in my expensive hotel
[F]You see I'm loving a sh[C]shadow [C] [F]
[F]Trying to catch the r[C]rain [C] [F]
[F]I've never si[C]silence
[G]'till I heard it to[C]today
[C]She came out of the h[G]otel, I could st[F]ill smell the smo[C]ke
[C]Of a burning heart left in[G]inside
[C]She said "men are all ass-hole[C7]s, and lo[F]ve's a bad jok[Fm]e"
[C]She laughed and then s[G]started to cry[C]cry [G]
She said "[C]"ten years with this [G]man, and a l[F]ifetime of p[C]lans
[C]You know I loved him to his bo[G]bones
But know I've [C]lines on my [C7]skin, and he's [F]traded me in [Fm]
[C]He left me [G]travelling [C]alone"
[C] [F]
[F]You know I've never felt [C]silence [C] [F]
[F]Well it hit me like a t[C]train [C] [F]
[F]I've never felt s[C]silence
Like [G7]blood, coursing through my veins
[F]You see I'm loving a sha[C]shadow [C] [F]
[F]And I'm trying to catch the r[C]rain [C] [F]
[F]I've never felt si[C]silence [G]
[G]Like I felt it to[C]today
[F]I've never heard s[C]silence [G]
'till I heard it t[C]today
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Updated 2019-08-29
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