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C Passenger Eb Vote rhythm
Capo 3
They say h[C]home is where the h[G]heart [C]is
but my h[Am]eart is w[G]ild and fr[C]ee
So am I h[C]homeless [G]
Or just h[C]heartless?
Did I st[Am]start this?
Did [G]it start m[C]me?
Intro 1 time
They s[C]say fear is [G]for the br[C]brave
For c[Am]cowards never st[F]stare it in the [C]eye [G]
So am I f[C]earless t[G]o be f[C]earful
Does it take co[Am]urage to le[F]arn how to cr[C]y
[G]So many [Am]winding r[F]roads
[G]So many [Am]miles to g[F]go
and oh..
[C] [G] [C] [G*] [Am] [F] [C]
Oh they s[C]ay love is f[G]or the l[C]oving [G]
Without l[Am]love maybe n[F]nothing is real [C]
So am I l[C]loveless or do [G]I just l[C]love less
Oh since l[Am]love left
I have n[F]nothing left to f[C]fear
[G]So many [Am]winding r[F]roads
[G]So many [Am]miles to g[F]go
[C]When I start feeling s[Am]sick of it all
It h[G]helps to remember I’m a br[F]brick in a wall
who r[C]uns down from the
h[Am]illside to the s[G]ea [F]
[C]when I start feeling that it’s g[Am]gone too far
I l[G]lie on my back and stare [F]up at the stars
I w[C]onder if they’re st[Am]aring back at m[G]e [F]
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Updated 2019-08-29
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