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The Way That I Need You

C Passenger C# Vote rhythm
Capo 1
[C] [F] [X3]
He’s the deflated[C] balloon wra[F]pped around your g[C]ait
C[F]Cut priced to clear a [C]past to “sell by a d[G]date”
He’ll be f[C]ool running through the
ch[F]urch screamin[Am]g out “it’s not too la[G]te”
When he d[G]does, I know that you’ll wa[C]wait
He’s the dr[C]unk man with bad br[F]eath coming on too st[C]rong
He’s the be[F]auty queen that str[C]ings your heart alo[G]ng
And he’ll ans[C]wer every ques[F]tion in your new[Am]-age magazine wr[G]ong
But I kn[G]know you love him st[C]strong
So I’m lea[F]leaving before there’s nothing to bel[C]believe in
I’m just cr[G]craving for a love I never kn[C]knew
Pl[F]Please don’t go misreading me
I’m not say[C]saying you’ve been misleading me
Just not nee[G]ding me the w[F]ay that I need y[C]ou
[C] [FX3]
He’s the ele[C]phant in the ro[F]om that never spe[C]aks
But you dr[F]eam about him ev[C]ery two we[G]eks
(*=Strum Once)
I woul[C]wouldn’t know his [F]name, but you call i[G]t in you[Am]r sleep
Oh I k[G]know you love him [C]deep
[C]So run back to h[F]him like you sh[C]should
I gu[F]ess I always k[C]new that you wo[G]uld
For he’s ca[C]captured your [F]heart in [Am]a way I neve[F]never [(Hold)]could
So go [G]on and love him g[C]good
So I’m le[F]leaving before there’s nothing to be[C]believe in
I’m just cra[G]craving for a love I never [C]knew
You’re the[F]the book I can’t stop reading
I’m the stra[C]stray cat you keep feeding
But the ti[G]tides, they are re[F]receding that it’s [C]true
So ple[F]please don’t go misreading me
I’m not say[C]saying you’ve been misleading me,
Just not nee[G]ding me the[F] way that I nee[Am]d y[CMaj7]ou [G]
Just not ne[C]eding me the[F] way that I need[C] you
[F] [C] [X3]
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Updated 2019-08-29
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